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Our involvement can start with the design of the plan, continue through the bidding process, implementation of the plan and remain through the day-to-day administration/ operation of the plan. The services which we provide as group insurance consultants include the following...

Benefit and Financial Analysis

  • Plan design and redesign

  • Funding alternatives including insured, self-funding and self-administration

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual cost estimates

  • Renewal negotiations with vendors

  • Evaluation of claim and management reports

  • Evaluation of managed care networks


  • Drafting of specifications for competitive bidding

  • Selection of markets for, and distribution of, specifications

  • Evaluation of competitive bids and recommendations on carrier, claim administrator and vendor selection

Plan Administration

  • Evaluation of plan administration 

  • Preparation of government reports, including ERISA filings 

  • Communication of benefits (booklets, ID cards, announcement material, employee meetings, online portals, etc.)

Other Services

  • Cafeteria Plans

  • Legislative Compliance (i.e., COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, etc.)

  • New insurance products

  • Advice in union negotiations

  • Benefit trends

  • Underwriting and actuarial services

  • Online Enrollment Systems

  • Benefit Communications

Health Care Management

As a result of health care inflation, the management of health care costs has become increasingly important to employee benefit decision-makers.  FCG may assist in:

  • Plan redesign - to encourage efficient utilization of health care services.

  • Modifications in plan funding or administration - to lower costs and control claim payments.

  • Claims management services and utilization analysis - to monitor the performance of your plan.

Medical Reinsurance (stop-loss insurance) provides protection against catastrophic medical claims liability for the employer who is self-funded. FCG has been a pioneer in the reinsurance field. We have extensive experience in securing competitive contracts and renewals for clients in an ever-changing marketplace.

FCG offers service to our clients in all areas of government compliance due to the increase in complicated laws and regulations at the state and federal level.

PPACA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, HITECH,  FMLA and other government regulations all require expert consulting advice for compliance. FCG has experienced consultants and legal counsel to deal with these and other government regulations. 

Experienced in all group insurance benefit plans. 

      Exciting New Benefits Funding Program!

FCG offers a unique and exclusive  benefit funding arrangement for public  entities.  Our Legacy Fund™ Program  creates an  asset  which becomes part of a  strategic benefit funding program.  It  has been vetted by actuaries, CPA's and  has been  approved by the Tennessee Comptroller's  office as a  viable funding strategy which may negate  tax hikes as a benefit  funding method.

Call Chris Fessenden at 865-805-3777 to schedule a 15 minute appointment to learn more.

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​Things you might want to know about our consulting service:

  • You are welcome to a free consultation, which includes an evaluation of your group insurance plans from a benefit and financial perspective.
  • Our independent consulting services are provided on a fee basis, commission offset against a fee, or a commission in lieu of fee basis...whatever is in the client's best interest.
  • The best recommendation for our services are the clients we represent.
  • Our greatest asset is our reputation for uncompromising integrity in the marketplace.
  • Our average client longevity is over 20 years. Our five consultants have more than 176 years of combined experience in employee benefits.

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"We Don't Sell Products - We Provide Solutions"™

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"FCG does not sell products - we provide solutions.